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Micelle HD Casein 700g

Micelle HD Casein 700g -Amix Nutrition
Micelle HD Casein 700g
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Amix MicelleHD® Casein is a top of our slow-digesting protein lineup. By using patent pending Micelle XL™ technology, we have combined micellar casein molecules into a structure that is approximately triple the average size. These giant, super-sized molecules – micelles form an ultra-thick gel that takes several hours to be digested and absorbed, providing sustained release amino acid delivery for lasting lean muscle support.

Each serving of AmixMicelleHD® Casein also delivers the relaxing properties of L-Theanine to help you make the most of your post-workout recovery. This makes AmixMicelleHD® Casein the perfect protein companion for using between meals or as a night time supplement when traditionally the muscle would be in a catabolic state.

» Amix´s slowest and best tasting casein Yet
» Digested even slower than casein
» Lasting Amino Acid Delivery Between Meals and Before Bed
» Low in fat
» High in protein
» Excellent Source of Calcium and Phosphorus
» With Suntheanine® and AminoGEN®
» With PepForm™ Glutamine peptides
» Proteases primary for digesting of proteins
» Anti-Catabolic Muscle support

L-Glutamine is the most abundant nonessential amino acid in the body, comprising more than 60% of the free amino acid pool in skeletal muscle and greater than 20% of total circulating amino acids. L-Glutamine plays a role in protein synthesis like proteinogenic amino acid, supports regeneration of muscle tissues, actives immune cells.

PepForm™ Glutamine Peptides are made from a proprietary process that combines free form glutamine to peptides isolated from fresh sweet whey using advanced fractionation and separation technologies.

Suntheanine® is a trade name of patented enzymatically produced L-Theanine, which is a naturally occurring non-proteinic amino acid found almost solely in tea plants.

Aminogen® is a patented plant enzyme ingredient that helps the body naturally liberate amino acids from protRecommended dosage: Mix 2 scoops (40 g) with 200-300 ml of water or milk and take it before bed or between meals. Daily dosage is 2-3 servings.

Ingredients: restructured Micellar Casein /from milk/, l-glutamine, cocoa powder (only in chocolate flavours), PepForm™ Glutamine Peptides (whey peptides /from milk/, L-Glutamine),  l-theanine (Suntheanine®), aroma, dye: (milk vanilla flavour - curcumin, strawberry-yogurt flavour - beetroot extract); Patented protease blend AminoGen® (maltodextrin, protease), emulsifier: soya lecithin;  sweeteners: sucralose and acesulfame K.

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