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Biosterol is a high steroid saponin preparation designed to support athlete diets. The choice of compounds, including spirostane derivatives, has been targeted at increasing the production of the male component and stimulating mental activity, which allows for comprehensive training plans.

Saponins are plant-derived compounds made up of two parts: aglycone - sapogenin (sapogenol) and glycone - saccharide. Saponins change the structure of the cell membranes and thus the epithelium, making them more permeable to the organic constituents including the proteins consumed. Saponins have the ability to attach to cholesterol, forming relatively stable compounds, pharmacologically active. Steroid saponins are derivatives of spirostane or furostan. They are formed on a steran system with a side-cyclic grouping. The side moiety consists of a 5-membered ring and a 6-membered ring. Both rings are connected by spiro carbon C-22. Saponin steroid furostan derivatives do not have a closed ring F but an aliphatic chain. The sarsasapogenin, diosgenin, jamogenin, smilagenin, tigogenin, hegogenin are used for synthesis. These enzymes convert saponins into pregnan compounds (C-21) and androstane (C-19), which are substrates for the synthesis of male component and androsterone. For synthesis, saponins with a double bond between C5 and C6 are most effective. Metabolic degradation of the steroid saponin side chain (oxidation, reduction, dehydroxylation, dehydration) leads to C-19 formation. Providing this type of androgen precursors while simultaneously normalizing the intestinal microflora can increase the amount of male produced by up to 4 mg per day. Thanks to this surplus there appears in the blood so called. Free male substance, not related to proteins. This free ingredient provides a metabolic effect.

The addition of phytosterols and insulin secretagogues (hydroxy isoleucine precursors and activators, pure 4-hydroxy-isoleucine) contained in black and fenugreek extracts provides additional stimulation of connective tissue growth and muscle tissue. Increased insulin secretion causes: stimulation of glycogen and protein synthesis, facilitating transport through cell membranes into cells - glucose, amino acids, potassium and fatty acids, suppression of excessive glycogenolysis, impaired muscles in energy material. The most popular staple saponin plants were earthquakes. Since the early 70's, these plants have been used to produce metabolism-boosting formulas as well as secondary and tertiary sexual characteristics including sexual drive.

The development of phytochemicals has made it possible to learn more about the functions of individual sterol fractions, currently using the precise methods of extraction are created supplements containing the fractions that best meet the needs of the target group. Contemporary supplementation evolves from plant-based extracts, whose action is known from the tradition of herbalism, to precisely selected compounds and mixtures directed to specific physiological effects.

Biosterol belongs to a modern product group. Work on the composition and potential of the preparation was taken in 2004. Biosterol contains extracts from 6 plants, obtained in independent technological processes. The anabolic potential of the agent is greater than that of the traditional extract of the meshes.

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