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Exclusive Protein Bar BIG 85g

Exclusive Protein Bar  BIG 85g
Exclusive Protein Bar BIG 85g
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Exclusive Protein Bar

Amix™ Exclusive bar is protein bar with minimum content of 25% protein.

Recommended dosage: Take maximum 2 bars a day.    

Nutritional Facts


Average Values:

Per 100 g

Per  85 g

Per 40 g

Energy value

1695 kJ/403 kcal

1440 kJ/342 kcal

678 kJ/161 kcal

Total Fat

15,3 g

13,0 g

6,1 g

    Saturated Fat

5,4 g

4,6 g

2,2 g

Total Carbohydrate

41,0 g

34,8 g

16,4 g


21,3 g

10,6 g

8,5 g


25,4 g

21,6 g

10,2 g


0,74 g

0,6 g

0,3 g

Ingredients (Caribbean Punch): Amix™ MilkPro® Protein Blend 19,4 % (Milk Protein Isolate/from milk/, CFM® Whey Protein Isolate and Concentrate/from milk/, Partially Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate - HydroVon® /from milk/, Hydrolyzed Peptides /L-Glutamine PepForm®, BCAA PepForm® - from milk/); 15,3 % dessicated coconut fine; milk chocolate 15 % (sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, cocoa powder with reduced fat, emulsifier: /soya lecithin, E476/, vanilla extract, aroma); filling: polydextrose; hydrolyzed beef peptide Hydrobeef™; fructose; skimmed milk powder, humectant: glycerol; raisins (raisins, vegetable oil /max. 0,5 %/, preservative: sulfur dioxide /SO2/); glucose; soya protein isolate; humectant: sorbitol; vegetable fat (palm kernel oil, palm oil and shea oil); emulsifier: soya lecithin; purified water; aroma; antioxidant: mix tocopherols D;

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